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Dementia Diaries: Kayaking with Momma Boer

07/23/18 — Never did I think this day would come!!

A year ago, I quit my job in Las Vegas and moved home to Washington to be closer and help care for my mother. I thought I was going to be planning a funeral. My mom couldn’t walk. Could barely talk. Couldn’t even lift her head up. If you had told me last year I’d take her kayaking I would said you’re crazy! But maybe a year with me was exactly the medicine she needed ;o)

The other day Momma Boer saw pics of my golden retrieve, Murphy, kayaking with me and actually asked if SHE could go!

I was hesitant at first, but a couple days later I thought ‘why the hell not?!’ She’s moving pretty decently these days. Let’s try it!

Just because someone has dementia and won’t remember an activity the next day doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have a little fun!!

Who cares if she doesn’t remember it tomorrow! For every single one of those 60 minutes she felt ALIVE again! And next week, next year—I’ll remember it for her.

Believe me, it was not easy. I had to literally lift her in and out of the boat by myself. And when we were out in the water she was very concerned about alligators and falling in.

But hokey Pete we had fun!

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