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Dementia Diaries: Mother’s Day ‘93 vs today

#DementiaDiaries — 5/10/19

Mother’s Day 1993 vs today. A lot has changed. Today I was driving my mom and she said something so perfectly normal that for 10 whole seconds it felt like my mom was “actually there” mentally, sitting right beside me.

Some days I’d give anything to “be an adult” with her around. When she was diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago I had been moving around for work for almost 10 years. So I guess the last time I was “home” in WA and she was “normal” (no dementia) was when I was 17. I’d give anything to stay up all night and have a really deep conversation with her. She always seemed to have a solution for everything.

But honestly some people have it so much worse! I’m so, so ridiculously blessed that I can talk to her (even though it rarely makes sense) and hat I can live close by and see her.

Speaking of another great mom—my grandma had SEVENTEEN grandkids and honestly I don’t even know how many great grandkids. She turns 93 this week!!

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL THE MOM’S OUT THERE... and to all the Mr. Mom daddy’s taking care of little ones without a mother around, the thousands who are struggling to just become a mom, and to the mom’s who’ve experienced miscarriages. My heart is with you today. You are brave and resilient. Thank you for being a pillar of courage and strength to me and to so many others. 💐💕

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