• Katie Boer

Dementia Diaries: Remember her this way

I haven't done a real update on my mom in a while. That's because she's loosing a lot of ground. Will she have 2 months? 2 weeks? I dunno.

She's dropped to 94 pounds. Honestly, I don't want you to remember her with body tremors or her tongue shaking out of her mouth. I cried hard yesterday. Right next to her. Just buried my face in her pillow and sobbed.

But we've taken you on this Lewy Body dementia journey from the very beginning almost 4 years ago... you've seen the good, the sweet and the agonizing. And today I hope you see the memories. I'm blessed to have such wonderful parents.

Most of my childhood was recorded on VHS, in a little series my parents used to label tapes "Our Lives". I've been working really hard to convert those old tapes so that my mom can watch. I don't know that she necessarily saw them, but I truly believe in her heart she heard them.

So... I figured I'd share chapters of "Our Lives" with you too.

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