• Katie Boer

Dementia Diaries: Straw for your taters?

09/02/18 — I caught myself tonight.

I usually pick up my mom from her facility after I get off work and run errands with her, give her a change of scenery, sometimes we just eat dinner together.

As she sat there eating (or attempting too) I was about to tell my mom “no don’t do that!”

Then I thought, “honestly...who cares?!”

At some point during dinner she switched from using a spoon to using a straw to eat her potato salad.

I wanted to correct her... but you know what—there are probably PLENTY of things I do she doesn’t understand anymore.

Oh well. Tonight, eating with a straw seemed to make her happy.

I suggested a fork might actually be more useful, but I didn’t get upset or make her stop playing with the straw.

Sometimes as a familial caregiver stuff like this day in and day out can begin to drive you bonkers. Because you feel like you’re getting NOWHERE. And sometimes these little petty things can take HOURS.

But the truth is, she seemed to be particularly proud of her ingenuity.

Choose your battles, caregivers. And mom... you do you. Thanks for being patient with me as I try to understand what you’re going through 💜💜💜

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