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Dementia Diaries: Sweet elevator moments & bedroom hallucinations

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Dementia Diaries 10/16/2018 --

"I love you so much. I really love you. We'll have to come back and get some towels and tickets and ducks."

Didn't expect this little nugget in the elevator at my mom's facility tonight. Oh Momma, I love you like you have no idea. And sure...let's go get some ducks.

Sweet moments like that make that tougher moments--when she's experiencing hallucinations or "seeing" people a little more bearable.

Earlier I took her out and packed her a lunch. Little things I know she likes and obviously a baggie of chocolates--her favorite!

It's just so frustrating when I bring her back to the facility. Bring her up to memory care and help her get ready for bed. I can't even tell you how often the bathrooms are disheveled and a mess. At least there's no poop on the floor this time. I see that a lot. Still, I feel like I'm constantly making complaints about the bathroom needing to get tidied up more frequently. These are all dirty towels or dirty laundry. But my mom doesn't know not to use them.

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